Guidelines for speakers and posters

Posted 2.6.2023


Prepare your poster for the conference

  • Our poster holders are vertical and can accommodate posters up to the A0 size (841 mm x 118,9 mm).
  • Bring your poster with you on the morning of your own poster session. The exhibition space is adjacent to the conference auditorium. You can set up the poster in the morning before the conference starts and take it down at the end of the day. Conference assistants will be available to help with setup.

Prepare your Poster Boaster slides

  • Each poster is given 2 minutes for their pitch in the poster boaster session
  • Make a set of maximum of 2 slides about your poster. Name the file using this configuration:
    • FirstAuthorSurname_PaperTitle_Track
      (you can shorten the paper title if needed)
  • Upload the slides into the folder that was sent to you in a mail by 7 June

Prepare your short video of your poster

  • Prepare a maximum 5-minute video presenting your poster’s topic in MP4 format.
  • An easy way to prepare the video is to use a Zoom session. Create 1–3 slides on your poster, start a Zoom session, share your slides, start recording, then give the presentation. This also gives you an opportunity to practice what you’ll present at the poster session.
  • The presentation is different than the poster boaster talk because you will present and explain the main ideas of the poster. The focus of the poster boaster is to advertise your poster so that people will visit it in the poster session.
  • Name your short video MP4 file using this configuration:
    • FirstAuthorSurname_PaperTitle_Track
      (you can shorten the paper title if needed)
  • Upload the file to the folder sent to you in an email by 7 June

At the conference: Poster Boaster sessions

  • We will compile all slides of the Poster Boaster session into one slide set, so it is vital that you upload your slides by the deadline of 7 June. We will put them in the order that you see in the programme (, and you will present your slides in that order too
  • Before the start of the Poster Boaster, you will line up in order along one side of the auditorium. The conference organisers will be there to help.
  • Your presentation will be strictly limited to 2 minutes (120 seconds). At 90 seconds you will be given a musical signal. At the limit of 2 minutes, the session chair will gently push you along and welcome the next speaker.

Oral presentations

Before the conference: draft of slides for interpreters

  • We will have English–Finnish Sign Language interpreting at the conference and kindly request that all people giving oral presentations upload a draft of their slides by 7 June. You will receive an email with a link for uploading.
  • These will be used by the interpreters to prepare and they emphasize that these do not need to be final slides. Even a rough draft will help them to familiarize themselves with the topic and terms you will use.
  • We thank you for your support of EAMT’s efforts to ensure accessibility for all participants.

Before the conference: final version of slides

  • Name your slides using this configuration:
    • FirstAuthorSurname_PaperTitle_Dayofpresentation
      (you can shorten the paper title if needed)
  • Upload the slides to the appropriate folder (a link will be sent in a separate mail) by 7 a.m. on the day of your presentation. The slides will be loaded into the conference room’s computer.
  • It will not be possible to use your own laptop for presenting, or to upload presentations from a USB stick. It is therefore highly important that you upload your files by the morning of your presentation.

At the conference

  • Your presentation should last a maximum of 20 minutes. This will be followed by 10 minutes for questions. Please make sure you stay within the limit.
  • You will be shown signs indicating when you have 5 minutes left, then 2, 1 and STOP.
  • The main conference room is equipped with table, headset, or hand-held microphones. The table mics are not meant to capture voice from a wide area, so if you tend to move around while talking, please use the headset microphones.
  • Technical assistance will be provided