Connecting to Internet

Tampere University provides Internet access via Eduroam. This is the easiest way for our guests to get online on our campuses.

You can log in as a visitor to the TUNI-GUEST visitor network, if your community has not joined eduroam roaming service.

  • Connect to the TUNI-GUEST network with your device.
  • Select Visitor.
  • Choose your e-mail address or phone number as the means to sign in.
  • Fill in the information required in the activation form (e-mail address or phone number).
  • Familiarise yourself with the Terms of use in the activation form and tick the box where you commit to adhering to the terms.
  • Choose Proceed.
  • Review that the information is correct. You will receive the activation link by e-mail or text message.
  • Choose Start temporary 15 min access to open network connection, so you can activate your connection for longer time.
  • By opening the activation link you have access to the TUNI-GUEST visitor network for 12 hours.

After the time is up, you can repeat the above steps to get connection working again.