Evening activities

Reception at the Tampere City Hall
Monday June 12, 18:00–19:30

Join us for a reception and light snacks at the historical City Hall of Tampere which is in Keskustori Central Square. You can easily walk there or take any of the buses or trams that go to Keskustori (which is most of them). Please arrive punctually at 18:00.

Conference dinner at Näsinneula – full!
Tuesday June 13, 19:00

This year’s dinner is at the top of the Näsinneula Tower overlooking Lake Näsijärvi. The restaurant rotates so that you can enjoy an ever-updating panorama while dining. You can walk there (3 km from the university central campus) or take city bus #2 to its final stop (10-15 min).

Where to eat in Tampere (Sunday-Thursday)

(Optional) Sauna evening at Varala
Wednesday June 14

If you’re staying for the tutorial/workshop day, or not travelling until the 15th, you have an opportunity to fin(n)ish your stay at the EAMT with an authentic Finnish experience: a sauna evening by the lake. You can take a sauna followed by a dip in the lake, or you can just relax after three intensive conference days and enjoy the lake scenery (not all Finns go to sauna at sauna parties either).

The location (Varala) is not very far from the university (like everything in Tampere) and can easily be reached on city bus #10 (approx. 15 minutes). But after 3 days of intensive brain work, you might want to walk there – it’s a 45-minute walk through lakeside, parks and forest with some spectacular scenery.

The sauna evening includes a traditional sauna party light meal – sausages, salads, other veggie options – and sauna drinks.

The number of participants is limited and it will be first come, first served. The price of the optional event is 30€. Sign up for a spot and pay for it when you register for the conference.

Note: There are different saunas for women and men and since this is a ‘city sauna’, people wear swimsuits. Remember to bring yours along!