Conference Day 2: Building Next Generation of Globally Responsible Digital Entrepreneurs?

The workshop on Building Next Generation of Globally Responsible Digital Entrepreneurs? was moderated by T. Bartosz Kalinowski (PhD, habil.) from the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz, Poland.

The presenter highlighted the main aim of the paper and explained the key points to be discussed with. He introduced about the project DIGI-GRENT sponsored by the European Union where this presentation was draw out. The purpose of the project, is to develop an innovative, transnational framework that will improve the knowledge and skills of academic institutions to produce more market start-ups oriented digital and responsible entrepreneurship (DREP) curricula. Therefore, Triple Helix was used as a framework to shed light into the main components of the topic and findings were presented. 

According to the presenter the results showed that different countries (sampled countries Spain, Italy, Poland and Greece) showed various types of responses in the calculated importance of managerial skills. Most important digital skills in order of their importance were displayed as Digital security, ICT management, social media marketing, and Digital innovation. The presentation also covered the response difference between digital providers and digital users. Moreover, after showing the calculated result for importance of sustainable/green skills response by the sampled countries which showed a significant difference, participants were invited to discuss on the extracted questions such as most important skills, skills that will be growing in the future and if there are any missing skills. Following this a hot discussion between participants and presenter undertook and final concluding remarks were highlighted by the presenter. 

Text and photos: Tsegay Girmay