History of the Conference

Beginning in 1996 as a small workshop of scholars, experts, and policymakers interested in the dynamic relations of universities, government, and industries in the ecosystem of innovation, the International Triple Helix Conference has grown into a major venue of discussion, research, and policy development for the roles of tripartite innovation agents. The community of people involved in Triple Helix discussions and practices has created the Triple Helix Association (THA) in 2009, which is a not-for-profit, non-governmental association with scientific purpose and a global reach. Since then organising annual Triple Helix conferences has become the responsibility of the Association.

Triple Helix Association

The Triple Helix Association (THA) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental association with scientific purpose and a global reach. It was founded in 2009 by leading international scholars in innovation and entrepreneurship to promote the study of the interactions among academia, industry and government. Its main scope is to advance the scientific knowledge and operational capacity to ignite and manage academy-industry-government interactions (Triple Helix) to foster research, innovation, entrepreneurship and regional sustainable developments. Positive and effective interaction models and mechanisms between Governmental institutions, Academia, and Industry might dramatically impact on both a Firm´s innovativeness and on a City’s /Region’s innovativeness. The THA offers a solid and outstanding scientific knowledge base on TH theoretical models and good practices to develop effective TH interactions combined with an international reach (+120 members and +3.000 qualified readers in 5 continents) for dissemination, promotion, peer learning and partnership development.

Previous Triple Helix conferences since 2009

2019 Triple Helix XVII. The impact of science & technology on regional innovation & socio-economic development. Cape Town, South Africa  (To be held 9-11 September 2019).

2018 Triple Helix XVI. The Triple Helix and beyond—A new era. Manchester, the UK.

2017 Triple Helix XV. The fourth Industrial revolution, design thinking and the Triple Helix, Daegu, Republic of Korea

2016 Triple Helix XIV. Addressing ecosystem challenges in the era of crises. Heidelberg, Germany

2015 Triple Helix XIII. Academy-Industry-Government, Triple Helix Model for fast developing countries. Beijing, China

2014 Triple Helix XII. The Triple Helix and innovation-based economic growth: new frontiers and solutions.  Tomsk, Russia.

2013 Triple Helix XI. The Triple Helix in a context of global change: continuing, mutating or unravelling?  London, UK.

2012 Triple Helix X. Emerging Triple Helix models for developing countries: from conceptualization to implementation.  Bandung, Indonesia.

2011Triple Helix IX.  Silicon Valley: global model or unique anomaly? Stanford University, California, USA.

2010 Triple Helix VIII.  Triple Helix in the development of cities of Knowledge, Expanding Communities and Connecting Regions.  Madrid, Spain.

2009 Triple Helix VII.  The role of Triple Helix in the global agenda of innovation, competitiveness and sustainability. Glasgow, Scotland.