30.5.2018 Robotics and AI or Industry

Leena Köppä and Impact Canvas tool on the background

Grab your TechBites of the future of robotics and AI technology and its applications! we built contacts and joined discussions with key people from companies and research teams. Event was organised by Tampere University of Technology.

Who were there?

Private businesses and decision makers who would like to benefit of the ongoing digitalization for industry and society.

Keynote speakers

Associate Professor Reza Ghabcheloo, Tampere University

Associate Professor Reza Ghabcheloo solves challenging robotics problems, builds autonomous robots to work for human and with human, and trains future robotics engineers to be able to do so. See also RoboLab’s website: https://research.tuni.fi/robolabtampere/

TechBites keynote: Future worksites: safety and productivity

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TechBites keynote: Joining human and robotic intelligence

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Professor Jose L. Martinez Lastra

Professor Jose L. Martinez Lastra, leads Fast-Lab at Tampere University. Fast-Lab promotes seamless knowledge integration of humans and machines. In this video he talks about how human and robotic intelligence join to shape the future world. For more information please visit the Fast-Lab website: https://www.tuni.fi/en/research/fast-lab

AI Development Lead, Remote & Autonomous Operations, Rolls-Royce Marine

Jussi Poikonen focuses on machine learning models for situational awareness and navigation systems. He works as an AI development lead for remote and autonomous operations at Rolls-Royce Marine. In this video he talks about applications of artificial intelligence in remote and autonomous shipping.

Applications of AI in autonomous shipping

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Pitch and Catch session - return to your favourite pitch!

#1 Associate Professor Minna Lanz

TechBites pitch: Efficient and interactive Human Robot Collaboration

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#2 Associate Professor Andrei Lobov

TechBites pitch: Five schools of thought for building intelligent systems

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#3 PhD Arun Singh

TechBites pitch: Marriage of modern AI and classical computational methods

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#4 Dr. Tech Borja Ramis Ferrer

TechBites pitch: Reasoning Machines

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#5 PhD student Mohammad M. Aref

TechBites pitch: Invertible Nonlinear Dynamics for Deep Learning

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#6 Senior Research Fellow Tomi Krogerus

TechBites pitch: Predictive analytics

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