30.10.2019 Dark side of technology

Science Playground: Vilkasta keskustelua teknostressistä pitchaaja Henri Pirkkalaisen ständillä.

Grab your TechBites and beware of the future technology and its applications! Or do you have to be alarmed and worried after all? We discussed and built contacts with key people from companies, organizations and research teams. Event was organized by Tampere University.

Who were there?

Private businesses, organizations and decision makers. Anyone who develops and uses new technology and wonders, whether it is a threat or possibility for business, society and mankind.

Keynote speakers

TechBites keynote: A spy who bugged me

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Mikko Räkköläinen, PhD Candidate, Tampere University

Mikko Räkköläinen is a PhD candidate in International politics in the Faculty of Management and Business. In his dissertation he explores the ways in which the increasing presence of private military companies and other commercial service providers is impacting the execution of foreign and security policy in conflict areas. His research interests also include the organizational behavior in security organizations, the changing nature of warfare, and the impact of emergent technologies on military and societal security.

Jaana Parviainen, Senior research fellow, Tampere University

Dr. Jaana Parviainen is a philosopher and a senior research fellow at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Her philosophical expertise covers the ethics of technology, social epistemology and the philosophy of the body. She has conducted and led several interdisciplinary research projects. Her on-going research project NEGATE is concerned with how the spread of influential misinformation and manufactured ignorance places pressure on the work of experts in various sectors.

TechBites keynote: Erosion of the Finnish information Society

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TechBites keynote: Do onions make you cry

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Juha Nurmi, CEO at Dignify Oy and Dark Web Scientist at Cyber Intelligence House

Juha Nurmi is the founder and project leader of the Ahmia search engine project. He is the CEO of data mining and security company Dignify, a security researcher, and has been involved in numerous projects funded by both the commercial and government spheres. Juha is also a noted lecturer and public speaker. Juha’s work on Ahmia has been in part sponsored by the Google Summer of Code.

Pitch and Catch session - return to your favourite pitch!

#1 Associate Professor Thomas Olsson, Tampere University

TechBites pitch: New Social Research: What If AI Decided on Your Professional Social Network?

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#2 Principal Lecturer, Systems Engineering, Antti Perttula, TAMK

TechBites Pitch: Eye from the sky: drones and urban security

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#3 Assistant Professor (tenure track), Henri Pirkkalainen, Tampere University

TechBites pitch: Beaten by technostress

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#4 Postdoctoral Research Fellow Jenni Hokka, Tampere University

TechBites pitch: Data as a human right

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