Wearable computing algorithms, architectures, security enablers, and services

Special Session in ICL-GNSS 2022

Session rationale and content:

Low-energy wireless communications are now becoming more and more important in a variety of applications ranging for eHealth and activity tracking to industrial IoT. In addition, advances in sensor miniaturization and edge/fog/cloud data processing and analysis allow the development of new services and applications based on wearables. High-end wearables such as AR/VR devices are also promising new revenue sources to businesses.

In this special session, we solicit novel papers related (but not limited to)

  • H2020 A-WEAR project research results
  • Edge/cloud/fog architectures for wearables
  • Wearables for eHealth
  • Security and cryptography enablers
  • Low-energy/low-power IoT computing
  • Holographic beamforming for high-end wearables
  • Wearable and IoT solutions for COVID-19 disease control
  • Body sensor network designs and protocols
  • Wearable-based virtual and augmented reality
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence methods for processing wearable-related data
  • Privacy concerns and solutions
  • Wireless localization solutions via wearable devices
  • Open-access datasets, measurement, and performance evaluation


See the submission page to see how to submit a paper to this session.


The organisation of this event is supported by the Academy of Finland (350375), European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska Curie grant agreement No. 813278 (A-WEAR, http://www.a-wear.eu/), and by the Priority 2030 Federal Academic Leadership Program.