Seamless Pedestrian Navigation

Special Session in ICL-GNSS 2022


  • Vincenzo Di Pietra, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
  • Paolo Dabove, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
  • Andrea Masiero, Università degli studi di Firenze, Italy


This special session solicits submissions that focus on all the aspects of seamless pedestrian navigation.

Pedestrian navigation is a complex task that combines several mapping, navigation and positioning techniques, together with estimation and AI algorithms to solve unpredictable walking behaviours. While road navigation can be performed in quite constrained working conditions, e.g. travelling along road tracks, a pedestrian freely moves from indoor spaces, to open areas and underground, often changing the walking environmental conditions, hence making the navigation task more challenging. Therefore, in order to ensure the ubiquitous effectiveness of the navigation solution, sensor hybridization and data fusion are becoming more and more important, as well as signal of opportunity, communication networks and IoT, especially in challenging environments like urban areas. Overall, the accuracy and reliability of the navigation solution depends on several factors, such as the system integration, synchronization and calibration quality, which hence are fundamental for the effectiveness of the navigation task as well.

Experts in the navigation, robotics, geomatics and signal processing fields are invited to submit their contributions to this Special Session on the following (but not limited):

  • Multi-Sensor Systems and advanced estimation techniques;
  • Positioning Using Smartphones;
  • Specification, characterization, and evaluation of sensors;
  • Usage of signals-of-opportunity;
  • GNSS, Wi-Fi, Ultra-wide Band (UWB), Bluetooth iBeacons, etc.;
  • Vision-based positioning;
  • Inertial MEMS-based sensors positioning and their integration;
  • Localization in deep urban canyons;
  • SLAM;
  • Artificial intelligent techniques for environment perception;


See the submission page to see how to submit a paper to this session.