Journal special issues

Extended top-tier papers from ICL-GNSS 2022 will be published in a special issue of Sensors open-access journal after the conference. The selected papers will be invited for the extension and submission to the SI by the editors in June 2022. The submission hard deadline will be January 31, 2023 but the invited authors are encouraged to submit as soon as the extended paper is ready for that, since the accepted papers will be published online immediately after acceptance. See the corresponding 2021 SI page at Sensors for your reference. The 2022 page has already been set up, too.

Papers on the topics related to information security, privacy, and trust would be invited to contribute an extended paper to Cryptography, which is an international, scientific, peer-reviewed, open access journal published quarterly. The ICL-GNSS papers that fall within the journal scope should contact the conference organisers in order to receive an extra discount.

Both journals are Open Access.