INS/GNSS integration for robotics and machine automation

Special session at ICL-GNSS 2022


  • Andrew Simsky, Septentrio, Belgium
  • Marnix Volckaer, Septentrio, Belgium


It is well known that INS and GNSS complement each other, and that their integration results in particularly efficient navigation tools, benefiting from un-biased GNSS guidance in the absolute ECEF reference frame combined with a continuously available stream of IMU measurements that characterize relative displacement and attitude. It is little surprise that INS/GNSS integrated navigation systems are instruments of choice (becoming an industry standard) for manifold outdoors machine control applications which often take place in difficult environments where intensive multipath, high masking angles and even short-term outages of GNSS signals present significant challenges to un-aided GNSS positioning. It is little surprise that this subject is increasingly popular and attracts much research effort both in academia and industry.


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