Congresses that are organised by Tampere University promote sustainable development and global responsibility in a number of ways. Read more on sustainability at Tampere University here.

Guidelines for sustainable travel

Academic conferences are carbon producing activities that contribute greatly to the climate crisis, especially if travel is involved. To address these concerns, we have organised this conference as a decentralized satellite event in 4 different geographical locations and online to bring it closer to participants instead of accumulating miles through air travel, which is one of the most carbon producing activities on Earth. We would like to actively encourage participants to avoid air travel to the extent possible. While we are aware that some air travel cannot be avoided, we urge participants to choose to take direct flights even if it is more costly, as short flights produce more carbon emission.

Please seek alternatives to air travel where possible. If travel by train or bus is unavailable or impossible (e.g., takes too long), select the most direct air travel route by avoiding stopovers. Travel in local communities should preferably occur by foot, bike or public transport.

These websites may be helpful in determining the least environmentally impactful ways to travel 

See academic texts on carbon emission of conferencing:

What climate scientists say about conference travel and how they travel:

For more information on the project’s low carbon statement, visit here.