Approved SS

Approved Special Sessions

SS-01 Resilience of Cyber-Physical Production Systems
Organizers: Belgacem Bettayeb, M’Hammed Sahnoun, Samir Ouchani, Sondès Chaabane

SS-02 Coupling CPS and AI in Manufacturing Systems
Organizers: Rodolfo Haber, Stanisław Strzelczak

SS-03 Cyber-Physical Systems for Deformable Object Manipulation
Organizers: Gianluca Palli, Jose Martinez Lastra, Krzysztof Walas, Pawel Lembicz, Žiga Gosar, Aitor Ibarguren

SS-04 Medical CPS – Medical Device Interoperability for the Care of Acuity Patients
Organizers: Martin Kasparick, Armin Janß

SS-05 Operational Safety Verification of Cyber Physical Industry 4.0 Applications
Organizers: Dr. Sandeep K.S. Gupta, Ayan Banerjee, Imane Lamrani

SS-06 Distributed machineries and smart systems for material handling and smart manufacturing using Industry 4.0 technologies
Organizers: Thomas Bangemann, Daesub Yoon, Peter Danielis

SS-07 Interoperability Challenges for the Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
Organizers: Pal Varga, David Hästbacka

SS-08 Human Factors in Automation based on CPS/IoT Technologies
Organizers: Jinhua She, Yicheng Zhou, Xin Chen, Chengduo Wu, Yosuke Nakanishi

SS-09 Digital Twins in Industrial Performance Management
Organizers: Kari Tammi, Heikki Mesiä, Raine Viitala