Versatile sessions and international guest lecturers enrich Eye on TAMK 2022

Meet the Languages & Communication and the Engineering tracks of Eye on TAMK 2022.

Welcome to a new blog series where the different tracks of Eye on TAMK are presented. The series is launched with two very different tracks: Languages & Communication track and the Engineering track.

Languages & Communication track

Nowadays, the more languages one knows, the better it is for the person and everyone around them. The rapid development of technologies, such as AI, has offered new ways to simplify language learning.

“While English has further strengthened its position as the world language, there is growing understanding of the importance of versatile language skills,” comments Henri Annala, International Coordinator in TAMK School of Pedagogical Innovations.

In TAMK, languages such as Finnish, Swedish and English are taught as mandatory subject of each degree programme. There are also a number of elective language courses available to the community.

Among other things, the Language & Communication track will include presentations, workshops, and teaching sessions for students.

“The week will consist of so many super interesting sessions. Let’s not uncover everything at this point,” emphasizes Henri.

Expecting 30 attendees, the track brings together language professionals from various partner organizations regardless of their background.

Engineering track

The TAMK School of Industrial Engineering and the School of Built Environment and Bioeconomy offer three Bachelor’s degree programmes in English, thirteen Bachelor’s degrees in Finnish and one taught in English and Finnish. At the same time, one Master’s degree programme is available in English and three in Finnish.

The TAMK International Week in Engineering has a long and rich history. This year, the week will include lectures, presentations and workshops on various topics. For example, the participants can explore Legal and Ethical Issues in Computer Security, Ethical Hacking, Development of Modern Architecture, Professional Skills for Industry 4.0 , Waste Management and more.

“It’s especially rewarding to welcome colleagues who have been attending TAMK International Week in Engineering since 2011,” comments Riku-Matti Kinnunen, TAMK Senior Lecturer and International Coordinator for Engineering.

Erasmus alumni return as guest lecturers

Two professors who have previously completed their Erasmus+ student exchange at TAMK, are now coming back as guest lecturers representing their home universities.

During 2010-2011, Henri Vennikas completed a year-long Erasmus+ study exchange in TAMK during his Automotive Engineering degree studies. He stayed in town for an internship in Sandvik during the summer.

“All the courses were exceptional, I remember specially the product development, engine technology and the automotive company management courses which were led by industry professionals and had very good examples from the field and also company visits to see more in person,” exclaims Henri Vennikas, former Erasmus student in TAMK and currently Leading Lecturer and Head of Automotive Curriculum in TTK UAS in Estonia.

During Eye on TAMK 2022, Henri Vennikas returns to TAMK as a guest lecturer whose presentation focuses on « interactivisation » of otherwise static content.

“Instead of only showing the students a lot of different formulas, we try to create interactive tools for them to visualize and experiment with the concepts we try to teach. For example in the field of automotive engineering given the topic of vehicle engineering principles,” explains Henri Vennikas.

During the spring semester of 1998, Tom Cordemans completed the final project for his studies in TAMK as an Erasmus+ student. The study exchange period gave him new insight, skills and confidence in and outside the professional setting.

“Tampere is my second home. I have already visited the city multiple times. My exchange in TAMK still opens doors, even after nearly 25 years,” comments Tom Cordemans, former Erasmus student in TAMK and Lecturer Network and System Management in VIVES UAS in Belgium.

During Eye on TAMK 2022, Tom Cordemans will host a workshop about the usage of a network protocol analyzer, Wireshark. Besides for educational purposes, it can be used to analyze performance issues and cybersecurity threats.

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Text by: Dimitra Panopoulou-Huovila

Image: Minttu Rantanen


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