Eye on TAMK 2023 (Re)connecting Professional Networks

Multidisciplinary international week organised in Tampere, Finland

About the event

Welcome again to Tampere, Finland for the Eye on TAMK 2023!
20-24 March 2023

We are thrilled to invite you to share your expertise and network under the theme
(Re)connecting professional networks.

Share your expertise, teach students, choose from a wide range of sessions, participate in the workshops, be inspired by our talented speakers, network with colleagues from all over the world, get the taste of Finland’s excellent education system, and enjoy our diverse cultural and social programme. TAMK offers you an environment to connect with other professionals, explore funding opportunities together, and initiate new projects.

This time we also invite policy makers and educational leaders to join the week to promote the development of change agency in education as well as (re)building the networks and finding new platforms for collaboration, especially outside of EU.


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Below is a short video made by a team from Fontys University of Applied Sciences (NL) about their visit to Eye on TAMK 2022 with the theme “digitalization of education”:

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Programme draft

A multidisciplinary week-long event divided into two tracks:

1. Teaching / Education Track

Teaching / Education Track - including non-teaching staff

Teaching/Education Track includes both teachers and non-teaching staff:

1.a If you are a teacher/professor, we are most pleased to invite you to submit a presentation/workshop/seminar/etc. proposal. The session should preferably be aimed at everyone (teachers, other staff and students), and it can either focus on a more general topic fit for a larger audience or a more specific one in one or more of the following fields of studies:  Media, Music, Arts, Health Care, Social Services, Engineering, Business, Languages and Teacher Education. Alternatively, you can offer to teach our students in one of our courses in the fields mentioned above.

1.b If you are part of a non-teaching staff, you are welcome to present best practices on your profession or discuss new project ideas during the week.

All the proposals will be reviewed by our organizing committee and accepted/refused according to their relevance to the event. 

2. Educational Leadership Track

As a part of the Eye on TAMK, we will organize an Educational Leadership Track. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about Finnish education, visit Finnish schools of all levels and other innovative education-related places in the Tampere region. We invite you to take action towards cooperation initiatives together with a truly international group of participants.

Who is it for:

  • educational leaders
  • policymakers
  • scientists or researchers
  • school directors

The track is organised in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finnish National Agency for Education and the City of Tampere. The aim is to promote the development of change agency in education by facilitating dialogue and cross-collaboration between stakeholders from different countries.

You will be hosted by one of the continent team leaders of TAMK throughout the event helping you to get connected with the stakeholders participating.

Take a look at the atmosphere of the previous Eye on TAMK events

Play video on YouTube (opens in new tab)

Play video on YouTube (opens in new tab)

Organisers and Sponsors

This event is organized by TAMK Schools and Global Operations with the sponsorship of Tampere City, Eduix, and Solenovo.