Eye on TAMK 2022 offers something for everyone: Meet the Teacher Education and Non-Teaching Staff tracks of Eye on TAMK 2022 Multidisciplinary International Week.

Meet the Teacher Education and Non-Teaching Staff tracks of Eye on TAMK 2022 Multidisciplinary International Week.

Higher Education Institutions are multidisciplinary in nature. Thus, Eye on TAMK aspires to bring various stakeholders and partners together in TAMK for a week full of inspiring and innovative content.

“It will be interesting to hear good practices from our partner universities and learn from each other,” comments Kirsi Jokipakka, Key Account Manager in TAMK Internationalisation and Business Operations and Project Coordinator for Eye on TAMK 2022.

Bellow, the members of the event’s organizing team discuss two tracks: Teacher Education and Non-Teaching Staff tracks.

Teacher Education track

The Professional Teacher Education at TAMK provides for the experts already in the working life the pedagogical qualifications to teach within their own field in vocational institutions or universities of applied sciences. The extent of the studies is 60 credits, and there are separate programmes taught in Finnish and in English. Both programmes are offered in blended format, which means that the courses are organized mostly online, with some classroom sessions taking place on Friday evenings and Saturdays. This format helps teacher students complete their studies alongside working.

Although digitalization has been advanced for years, the pandemic created an urgency that sped up the development of new tools. Digitalization of teaching is something that has both changed the nature of the teachers’ work and perhaps also opened new pedagogical viewpoints to the age-old concept of learning.

For example, a few decades ago it was quite impossible to imagine offering a course worldwide so that the participants from all continents could complete assignments according to their own schedules and still work together. Another great example is the flipped learning methodology: with which the valuable time when teacher and students meet on campus, is used for collaborative reflection and digging deeper into topics that were hard to understand instead of passively listening to the teacher talking. Finally, homework assignments can be replaced with video lectures that students can watch repeatedly in case they missed something. That sounds like progress!

Especially in many Western countries, there has also been a gradual shift towards coaching instead of lecturing. Simultaneously, new value has been recognized in giving students more ownership and autonomy over their own learning through collaboration and dialogue.

The Teacher Education track of Eye on TAMK 2022 will host guest lecturers from TAMK’s international partners. In a rich programme full of presentations, workshops, and teaching sessions there will be something fit for everyone.

“Maybe there is also something else planned. Let’s not uncover everything at this point,” says Henri Annala, International Coordinator in TAMK School of Pedagogical Innovations and Culture.

Non-teaching staff track

Digitalization has always been important for TAMK. It is changing the daily routines and practices of higher education institutions’ administrative staff. Most importantly, it eases the cooperation between partners and reduces geographical distance.

In the Non-Teaching Staff track, there will be several presentations about the digital services at higher education institutions. For example, partners will be able to share insights on how the digital entrance exams are done in different universities. Another very interesting presentation is about the “Evolution of information systems and infrastructure in the educational process” presented by two guests from the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

During the week, colleagues from TAMK will share information about the Talent Boost programme. A cross-administrative programme that funds activities and services that help international students remain in Finland after graduation.

Besides the TAMK staff attending the week’s programme, the Non-Teaching Staff track is hosting guests from partner organizations who will travel and gather on campus for the first time after over two years.

“Hopefully there will also be many joint international projects and co-operation ideas developed during the Eye on TAMK 2022,” says Kirsi Jokipakka.

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