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There are different types of fees and registration options for the event.
1. Regular fee: 70 €
2. Solidarity fee: 100 €*
3. Participation in the online sessions only: 0 €
4. Patient activists and representatives of patient organizations: 0 €
5. Business tickets: 1,000–2,000 € depending on the size of the business

You will find more information on each registration option on this page.

What does the registration fee cover?

In addition to the programme, the registration to the face-to-face event includes all catering during the event, and the dinner and evening programme on Monday 25 April.

When to register?

There are only a limited number of places available in the event, so it is advisable to register sooner rather than later. The deadline for registration has been extended to 10 April 2022.

Before you register: Informed consent for data collection during the workshop

A central aim of the event is to co-create expert knowledge on holistically sustainable continence care and its future. To make sure that the knowledge is available to stakeholders after the event, we will record, store, and archive the workshop proceedings in an open access database after the event. Upon the registration you will be asked to provide your informed consent to participate in the data collection in the workshop. Through this link, you will find information on the methods of data collection and data protection. Please read it through carefully before registration

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to participate in the face-to-face event without taking part in the data collection. You may still register to the online event, however, and only listen to the plenaries.

Regular fee

70 €

If you are a regular participant to the workshop, and not in a position to pay a “solidarity fee” (explained below), please use this registration option. This option is not available to business representatives.

Please register through this link.

Solidarity fee

100 €

If you are in the capacity to pay a bit more for the costs of the event, please use this registration option. The solidarity fee is 30 € more than the regular fee, and choosing this option helps us to keep the participation fee low, and cover the costs for those, who otherwise could not attend. This registration option is not available to business representatives.

Please register through this link.

Online participation to the event

0 €

Selected parts of the event can be participated via Zoom. The online event includes, at least, the streaming of the plenary sessions. We are also happy to organize online utopia workshops, if there is interest, but these may take place on different dates than the live event, due to shortage of facilitators. We will discuss the options directly with the online participants after the registration has closed.

Please register to the online option through this link.

Patient activists and representatives of patient organizations

0 €

Patient activists and representatives of patient organisations can take part in the event free of charge. For this group, there will also be additional program on Monday morning 25 April (9.30-13.00), organised by the World Federation for Incontinence and Pelvic Pain (WFIPP). Upon registration, please indicate your participation in this part of the program as well.

Please register through this link.

Business tickets

Businesses involved in continence care are also stakeholders and makers of sustainable future. We wish to include the visions and knowledges of the industry in the brainstorming of sustainability transitions. We therefore warmly welcome businesses to take part in this multistakeholder workshop.

While the event does not have “sponsors” in the traditional sense of the term, business stakeholders can take part in the event by purchasing Business Tickets, which include the following:

  • A stand in the exhibition area with a table, an electricity socket, and space for a roll-up
  • The company’s name and logo on the symposium website, including a link to the company’s website
  • Full registration of three people to the symposium, including the right to participate in all plenaries and workshops, catering, and the evening program

The pricing of the Business Tickets:

  • Companies with less than 100 employees: 1,000 € (excl. VAT 24%)
  • Companies with more than 100 employees: 2,000 € (excl. VAT 24%)

Please purchase the business tickets through this link. After purchasing the tickets, please remember to register your company’s representatives to the event here. (On the registration form, choose the category “Business Stakeholders”)

NB: The income from the sales of the Business Tickets will be used for the costs of the event and keeping the participation costs low for patient organisations and other stakeholders with limited funding. The event organisers do not seek to make profit from the sales of the Business Tickets.