A colourful picture of cartoon type figures representing different kinds of people and professionals with bladder and bowels and other pelvic organs. Some wear incontinence pads, someone has a stomabag, or uses a wheelchair. There are images of buildings, a truck, trees, plumbing etc. hints about how continence relates entire infrastructures and technologies of society.

The Business Ticket participants of the symposium have a desk in the exhibition hall, just outside the Lecture Theatre A1, where also the coffee breaks take place.

Below, you will find the logos of those exhibitors, who provided us with the permission to link their logo and homesite on the event website. Click the logo to get to the company's homesite. The companies are listed in an alphabetical order.

When participating the event, take your time to also network with the exhibitors. Find out about the solutions they provide to sustainable continence care and how they envision sustainability - and share your ideas and visions, too.

Logo of ABENA



Logo of Coloplast



Logo of Medtronic




Logo of TillaCare