Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with SUSTAINABILITY, ECONOMY, SOCIETY and ENVIRONMENT words imprinted on metal surface

The event takes place in the City Centre Campus of Tampere University, with the registration desk and most of the programme taking place in the Main Building - Päätalo (address: Kalevantie 4, 33100 Tampere).

Plenaries and evening programme

The first day of the event is reserved for plenaries – and a fantastic evening programme with Dinner and the Award Winning Comedian and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Elaine Miller. The plenaries begin on Monday afternoon with invited speakers from different fields and industries.

Special programme for patient organisations

Before the opening plenaries, on Monday morning, there will be a special programme for patient organisations, hosted and organised by the World Federation for Incontinence and Pelvic Pain. We will provide more information on this session soon.

The workshops

The second day of the event is built around parallel thematic workshops, where the  participants are facilitated to co-produce a shared definition for sustainable continence care. We utilise a methodology of utopia workshopping, which invites the participants to imagine freely what sustainable future means in different contexts, and what it requires from technological development, infrastructures of built environment, and the governance of societies. There will be possibilities for both group work and individual thinking available – i.e. you do not need to take part in facilitated group sessions if you find such working methods uncomfortable.

The closing plenary

In the closing session, we draw together the findings of the workshops. Here, with the help of a graphic illustrator, we draw together co-produced ideas for the world’s first holistic definition for the term “sustainable continence care”, listing the challenges and possibilities for sustainable future, as mapped by the workshop participants.

Producing an open access archive of sustainable continence care

After the event, the workshop proceedings are compiled into an open access database on visions of sustainable continence care. This archive is available for research and teaching purposes for anyone working on sustainable continence care. The database will include a summary report, as well as the anonymised raw data produced by the event participants during the workshops, e.g., individual visions of sustainable continence care and technologies.

Upon registering to the event, the participants will be asked to give their permission to collect data during the workshops, and for archiving it in an anonymous format. (There will be information on data protection on the registration page).

For the draft schedule, please see this link.