Paidia - Living Lab of Play

Paidia is Tampere universities’ common, open space, where different events, education, research, collaboration and student activities are held. The space is located in the Nokia Arena which is near University’s City centre campus. Paidia space and its modern technology enable science and research to be presented to also new audiences.

The aim is to bring the activities of the universities closer to wider audiences; thereby developing new ways to collaborate in the conduct of research and realizing the outcomes together with wider society.

Paidia is a living research, development and learning environment, reaching out widely to different audiences. It is taking the research and action into a genuine environment. Gamification, the use of extended realities and hybrid environments open up possibilities for new forms of learning, research and collaboration.

Paidia is located in Nokia Arena. You can find route to Paidia via Nokia Arena main A-doors, then go through the gates on your left and via escalators to 3rd floor.