[*] For FPS members no registration required for the FPS annual meeting and division meetings

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Physics Days 2023    
Time Activity Place
9.00-11.30  Career planning workshop  Duetto 1
10.00-18.45  Registration desk open 
12.00-18.45  Exhibition open  2nd floor foyer
12.00-12.30  Opening  Small auditorium
opening words by FPS
FPS Master’s Thesis Prize  
12.30-13.30  Plenary session 1: Prof. Stuart Parkin Small auditorium
13.30-14.00  Coffee break  TBC
14.00-16.00  Parallel sessions 1:
Physics of Materials and Condensed Matter Physics I Small auditorium
Particle and Nuclear Physics I Duetto 1
Scientific Computing, Machine Learning and Big Data Duetto 2
New Methods for Experimental Research
and Synchrotron Radiation
16.00-17.30 Poster session A  2nd floor foyer
16.00-17.30 Meetings of Divisions of FPS  [*]
Workshop on uniting physics students across Finland organized by the Finnish Young Minds working group of the FPS Duetto 1
Astronomy and Space Physics Division Riffi
Division of Physics Education Duetto 2
17.30-18.30  Studia Generalia lecture. Prof Teemu Ojanen: Todellisuus ei ole paikallisesti olemassa- 2022 fysiikan Nobelit Small auditorium
19.00-21.00  Tampere City Reception  City Hall
08.30-18.00  Registration desk open 
09.00-18.00  Exhibition open  2nd floor foyer
09.00-10.00  Plenary session 2: Prof. Alexander Szameit Small auditorium
10.00-10.30  Coffee break  TBC
10.30-12.30  Parallel sessions 2:
Energy, Environment and Climate I Small auditorium
Applied and Industrial Physics (10:30 – 11:30)
Astrophysics and Space Physics I (11:30 – 12:30)
Duetto 1
Physics of Materials and Condensed Matter Physics II Riffi
Photonics and Optics Duetto 2
12.30-13.30  Lunch  TBC
13.30-14.30  Plenary session 3: Prof. Roy Harrison Small auditorium
14.30-16.00  Parallel sessions 3:
Particle and Nuclear Physics II (14:30 – 15:15)
Energy, Environment and Climate II (15:15 – 16:00)
Duetto 1
Bio and Medical Physics Duetto 2
Physics education and outreach Riffi
Physics of Materials and Condensed Matter Physics III Small auditorium
16.00-16.30  Coffee break  TBC
16.30-17.30  Panel discussion: The future of university physics education.
Duetto 1
ERC information session – detailed information. Duetto 2
FPS board meeting   Riffi
16.30-18.00  Poster session B  2nd floor foyer
18.00-19.00  Annual Meeting of the Finnish Physical Society  [*] Duetto 1
19.30-23.00  Conference dinner  Park Hall
08.30-16.00  Registration desk open 
09.00-16.30  Exhibition open 
09.00-10.00  Plenary session “Interaction and inclusion in multilingual workplaces”: Salla Kurhila.
Small auditorium
10.00-10.30  Coffee break  TBC
10.30-12.30  Parallel sessions 4:
Diversity Riffi
Astrophysics and Space Physics II Duetto 1
Particle Physics and the Standard Model Small auditorium
Quantum Devices and Information Duetto 2
12.30-13.30  Lunch 
13.30-14.30  Plenary sessions 4: Dr. Yvette Cendes Small auditorium
14.30-15.00  Closing ceremony  Small auditorium
Hannu Koskinen talk and poster prizes