Aerial view of the central campus of Tampere University.
Physics Days 2023 - Physics makes dreams come true

29-31 March 2023, Tampere Hall

Welcome to Physics Days 2023 -- 29-31 March 2023, Tampere, Finland

The conference will take place on 29-31 of March 2023 in Tampere, Finland organized by the Finnish Physical Society, the Physics unit of Tampere University and Tampere University. The theme of Physics Days 2023 will be “Physics makes dreams come true”. It reflects the fact that all technologies and applications have significantly impacted our lives in the last decades, but also all those paradigm shifts happened in physics, that changed the way we perceive the universe we live in. The conference will cover a broad range of topics in physics.


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The plenary sessions will be streamed. You can follow the streamed sessions here.

When planning your stay in Tampere, you may benefit from this list of hotels nearby.

Venue of the conference is Tampere Hall. Accessibility information.

Code of Conduct.

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