Abstract submission

Abstract submission link will be open from December 12th to February 3rd. Note the extended deadline!
We anticipate to inform about decisions on abstract acceptance by February 24th.

Important: upon submission, please specify, which session you are submitting your abstract to, by indicating the name of the session in the “Comments to the organiser” section of the form. The list of sessions is given below.

Submit your abstract using this link.

1. Applied and Industrial Physics
2. Bio- and medical physics
3. Photonics & Optics
4. Astrophysics and Space Physics
5. New Methods for Experimental Research, including X-rays: Spectroscopy and so much more
6. Scientific Computing, Machine Learning, Big Data: New Tools
7. Physics Education & Outreach
8. Particle and nuclear physics
9. Physics of Materials and Condensed Matter
10. Energy, Environment and Climate
11. Quantum Devices & Information
12. Nanoscale Physics
13. Particle physics and the standard model
14. Atomic and molecular physics
15. Synchrotron radiation
16. Diversity in physics
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