Programme - Autumn 2022

NEW: FICAN Seminars

  • Regional cancer centers jointly start new national seminar series, the FICAN seminars this spring.
  • Seminars are held remotely

FICAN seminars 2022 (pdf)

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Thursday 18.8.2022 at 2 pm, F115

Prof. Kazuki Sugahara, Columbia University, Irving Medical Center

”Tumor-penetrating peptides – from discovery to bedside and beyond –”

(host Tero Järvinen)

Thu 25.8. at 16.30 in Zoom

Associate Professor Robert C Brewster, UMass Chan Medical School, Worcester, USA

“Untangling the regulatory role of individual TFs in E. coli”

(host Andre Ribeiro)


Thursday 1.9.2022 at 2 pm, F025 Yellow hall Zoom link

Prof. Olaf Strauß, Head of Department at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

“Ion channels of the retinal pigment epithelium and the control of immune system interactions at the outer retina”

(host Soile Nymark)

Tuesday 6.9.2022 at 4 pm in Zoom

Felix Dietlein, MD PhD Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

“Decoding the noncoding genome: Interpreting somatic mutation events outside protein-coding regions”

(host Andre Ribeiro)

Thursday 8.9.2022 at 2 pm,  F115 Panopto link

Professor Ian Holt, Biodonostia Health Research Institute, Spain

“Mitochondria: why they reject ‘survival of the fittest’ and how we persuaded them to mend their ways”

More information:

(host Howy Jacobs)

Thu 15.9.2022 at 14.00 in Arvo F114 Zoom link (Note: updated 15.9.)

Jeffrey Anker, College of Science Dean’s Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Bioengineering, Clemson University, USA

X-ray Vision for Molecules and Forces

More information:

(Host: Jonathan Massera)

Thursday 22.9.2022 at 2 pm, F115 Zoom link

Prof. Anne Spang, University of Basel

Compartmentalisation beyond organelles

(host Howy Jacobs)


Thursday 6.10.2022 at 2 pm, F115 Teams link

Associate Professor Anniina Färkkilä
ONCOSYS Research Program, University of Helsinki

”Genomic and single-cell spatial profiling for precision oncology in ovarian cancer”


Friday 28.10.2022, Visakorpi sali

Professor Matthias Kloor
Applied Tumor Biology, Institute of Pathology Heidelberg, Heidelberg University Hospital and University of Heidelberg, Germany

”Cancer Immunoediting”

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The annual MET Research Day

will be organized on Thursday 24 to Friday 25 November 2022. The Research Day will bring together all researchers, from undergrads to post-docs and PIs, from the fields of clinical medicine, biomedicine and biomedical sciences and engineering.

The aim of the Research Day is to introduce the MET Faculty’s multidisciplinary research topics, to network, and to initiate new collaboration across the disciplines.


Thursday 1.12.2022 at 2 pm, F115

Tenure Track Professor Minna-Liisa Änkö
TUNI, Finland and Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne, Australia

miR topic


Thursday 8.12.2022 at 2 pm, F115

​​​​​​​Takeharu Nagai, Professor, Osaka University

“New trends in life science opened up by means of trans-scale-scope -Science of Outliers”

(host Howy Jacobs)


Thursday 15 December at 12.00

Tuck Finch, University of Southern California

(joint seminar with SOC faculty and CoEAgeCare)

“Smoggy brains and ApoE4 accelerate risks of dementia in Los Angeles but not in the Amazon “