Programme - Autumn 2023

Thu 7.9. 14-15 F115

Associate Professor Michael Tri Do, Harvard University, Boston, USA
Sensing Light for Sight and Physiological Control

Host: Soile Nymark

Thu 14.9. 13-14 F115

Professor Joonas Kauppila, University of Oulu and Oulu University Hospital
Esophagogastric cancer surgery – lessons learnt from population-based studies

Host: Toni Seppälä

Thu 14.9. 14-15 F115

Professor Kirsi Pietiläinen University of Helsinki
Linking mitochondria to obesity and weight loss

Host: Eric Dufour

Thu 28.9. 14-15 F115

Associate Professor Olof Idevall Uppsala University
How organelle dynamics contribute to insulin secretion regulation

Host: Keijo Viiri

Thu 5.10. 14 -15 F114

Associate Professor Amanda Carr, University College London, UK
Using pluripotent stem cells to understand and treat macular disease

Host: Soile Nymark

Thu 12.10.2023 13-14, F115

Professor D K Arvind, University of Edinburgh
Causal analysis of wearable sensor data for environmental effects on respiratory health

Host: Marko Seppänen

Thu 12.10. at 14-15, Arvo F115

Dr. Nako Nakatsuka, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Unraveling Brain Chemistry using DNA-Based Biosensors

host: Soile Nymark

Thu 26.10. at 14-15 F115

Associate Professor Stirling Churchman Harvard Medical School
The dynamics of gene expression, from the nucleus to mitochondria

Host: Howy Jacobs

Wed 1.11. at 14-15 F114

Professor Karla Neugebauer Yale Center for RNA Science and Medicine
How co-transcriptional RNA processing regulates gene expression

Host: Minni Änkö

Thu 2.11.2023 14-15, F115

Professor Tanja Tarvainen, University of Eastern Finland
Tomography using light and sound

Host: Jari Hyttinen

Wed 15.11. at 14-15 F115 (NOTE! Day changed)

Principal Investigator Cristian Bellodi Lund University
RNA pseudouridylation in development and disease

Host: Minni Änkö

Thu 14.12.2023 at 14–15 F114

Professor Anindita Roy, University of Oxford
Finding targetable mechanisms in infant leukaemia by understanding its developmental origins

host: Olli Lohi