Programme - Autumn 2020

10.9.2020 13.00-14.00
Principal Research Fellow James Jepson
University College London
BK channels impact motor control via an unexpected neurodevelopmental mechanism: insights from a novel Drosophila model of paroxysmal dyskinesia
Host: Howy Jacobs

10.9.2020 14.00-15.00
Research Director Riikka Martikainen
University of Eastern Finland
Stem cell based models for mitochondrial DNA disease
Host: Howy Jacobs

14.9.2020 15.00-16.00
Sir Henry Wellcome Research Fellow Teemu Miettinen
University College London/Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cell cycle-dependent regulation of growth and bioenergetics – ATP and biomass production rates throughout the life of a cancer cell
Host: Howy Jacobs

14.9.2020 17.00-18.00
Postdoctoral Research Associate Benjamin Stauch
University of Southern California
Structural biology of melatonin receptors
Host: Howy Jacobs

Thu 24.9.2020 14.00-15.00
Dr. Heidi Haikala Dana-Farber
Cancer Institute & Harvard Medical School, USA
Developing next-generation targeted therapies for drug resistant non-small cell lung cancers
Host: Annika Auranen

Thu 8.10.2020 14.00-15.00
Professor Kaija Puura and Professor Jukka Peltola
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, University of Tampere
Neurocenter Finland as part of Tampere ecosystem
Host: Jari Hyttinen

Thu 15.10.2020 14.00-15.00
Professor Michiel Postema
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Tampere University
Fun with antibubbles
Host: Jari Hyttinen

Wed 21.10. 11.00-12.00
Minna-Liisa Änkö, PhD
Hudson Insititute of Medical Research
From cell to systems – deciphering RNA regulation in health and disease
Host: Howy Jacobs

22.10.2020 15.00-16.00
dr hab. Ewa Szczurek
Institute of Informatics, University of Warsaw
A mathematical model of the metastatic bottleneck predicts patient outcome and response to cancer treatment
Host: G. Steven Bova

Thu 5.11.2020 14.00-15.00
Dr. Nonappa, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Tampere University
Nanoscaffolds for patient-derived cancer tissue explant culture
Host: Soile Nymark

Thu 12.11.2020 15.00-16.00
Group leader, PhD Moritz Gerstung
Computational cancer biology, EMBL-EBI
Cancer Data Science: Mutation, Selection and Computation
Host: G. Steven Bova

Thu 26.11.2020 14.00-15.00
Professor Jonas Hugosson
Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Prostate cancer screening, what we know and what we need to know – Results from the Göteborg 1 and 2 prostate cancer screening trials
Host: Anssi Auvinen

Fri 11.12.2020 11.30-15.30
Model organisms Zoom Minisymposium
as part of BTK4700 Model Organisms course
All speakers from the University of Helsinki – Dr Carina Holmberg-Still, Dr Anni Kleino, Associate professor Ari Pekka Mähönen and Professor Ville Hietakangas
Programme (pdf)

Thu 17.12.2020 14.00-15.00
PhD, Research Director, Juha Klefström
Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki
Cancer IO – Translating Immuno-Oncology into Health Actions
Host: Annika Auranen