Tampere University
Kauppi Campus, Arvo building
Thursday 24 to Friday 25 November 2022

Thank you for participating!

MET Research Day 2022 brought together researchers, from undergrads to post-docs and PIs, from the fields of clinical medicine, biomedicine and biomedical sciences and engineering. The event introduced MET faculty’s multidisciplinary research topics and provided a platform for networking and intiating new collaborations across disciplines.


MET Research Day laureates:

During the event, several faculty members were awarded (results in alphabetical order):


Best PhD thesis awards 2022:

Iina Korkka, Doctor of Science (Technology), Ionic Signaling in Retinal Pigment Epithelium: From physiological characterization to stem cell applications, responsible supervisor: Docent Soile Nymark

Antti Pemmari, Doctor of Medical Science, Macrophage and Chondrocyte Phenotypes in Inflammation, responsible supervisor: Prof. Eeva Moilanen

Meri Vattulainen, Doctor of Philosophy, Human Pluripotent Stem Cells for Corneal Applications : Therapeutic potential of human pluripotent stem cell-derived corneal limbal stem cells, responsible supervisor: Prof. Heli Skottman


Best publication award 2022:

Arla Vettenranta, Teemu J Murtola, Jani Raitanen, Paavo Raittinen, Kirsi Talala, Kimmo Taari, Ulf-Håkan Stenman, Teuvo L J Tammela, Anssi Auvinen, “Outcomes of Screening for Prostate Cancer Among Men Who Use Statins”,  JAMA Oncology

Honourable mentions:

Suchintak Dash, Cristina S D Palma, Ines S C Baptista, Bilena L B Almeida, Mohamed N M Bahrudeen, Vatsala Chauhan, Rahul Jagadeesan, Andre S Ribeiro, “Alteration of DNA supercoiling serves as a trigger of short-term cold shock repressed genes of E. coli”, Nucleic Acids Research

Mikko Lehtimäki, Lassi Paunonen, Marja-Leena Linne, “Accelerating Neural ODEs Using Model Order Reduction”, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems


Education achievement awards 2022:

Professor Vesa Hytönen

Professor Juhani Jääskeläinen

University lecturer Jari Viik


MET RD 2022 best presentation award:

Joanna Ciantar: Difference in DNA methylation profiles between East and West Finns

Honourable mentions:
Yuliya Basikhina: Mitochondrial dysfunction in immune cells leads to distinct transcriptomic changes and improved immune competence in Drosophila

Anne Skogberg: SEM characterization of cell morphology on non-transparent porous materials


MET RD 2022 best research pitch:

Christine Gering: Bioactivated gellan gum hydrogels in vitro and in vivo

Honourable mention:

Lena Möbus: A multi-view disease similarity map approach


MET RD 2022 best poster award:

Oskari Kulta: Axonal guidance in 2D and 3D environment utilizing microfluidic chips, 3D bioprinting and chemotaxi

Honourable mentions:

Antti Kiviaho: Artificial Intelligence for Classifying Molecular Subtypes of Uterine Leiomyoma

Nemanja Milicevic: The circadian clock regulates barrier permeability in epithelial cells


Congratulations to all the winners!