Programme - Spring 2022

NEW: FICAN Seminars

  • Regional cancer centers jointly start new national seminar series, the FICAN seminars this spring.
  • First speakers will be the current FICAN research professors and the FCI K. Albin Johansson Research Professor.
  • Seminars are held remotely

FICAN seminars 2022 (pdf)

All Welcome!


Thu 10.2.2022 at 14-15, Zoom

Professor Alberto Sanz, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“How does mitochondrial signalling impact lifespan?”

host: Howy Jacobs


Thu 10.3.2022 at 14-15, Zoom

Samuel Oliveira, PhD, Biological Design Center, Densmore Lab, Boston University, USA

”Microfluidics-based Devices for Studying Synthetic Microbial Communities”

Host: Andre S. Ribeiro

24.3. at 14-15, Zoom

Prof. Toni Seppälä (MET Cancer research)

Precision medicine in gastrointestinal cancer

Host: Annika Auranen


Cancelled for now, will be rescheduled!
Thu 7.4. at 14-15, Zoom

Professor Ian Holt, Biodonostia Health Research Institute, Spain

“Mitochondria: why they reject ‘survival of the fittest’ and how we persuaded them to mend their ways”

host: Howy Jacobs

Fri 8.4.2022 at 13-14, F115 and live stream link

Senior Lecturer Dawn Walker, The University of Sheffield, UK

“Static and dynamic – computational modelling of the properties of epithelial tissues and cells”

host: Jari Hyttinen


Thu 5.5. at 14-15 Zoom

Judith Zaugg, PhD, Structural and Computational Biology Unit, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany

Systems epigenetics view of cellular processes during ageing and infection

Host: Mikael Marttinen

Fri 13.5.2022 at 9.00-15.00 Zoom

Model organisms Minisymposium

as part of BBT.CT.411 Model Organisms course
LIVE in lecture room F217 + in zoom


9:30 Welcome / Susanna Valanne
9:35-10:45 Poster presentations (Model Organisms course students), 1st session
10:45-11:30 Dr Silva Uusi-Heikkilä / zebrafish as a model, TBA
11:30-12:30 lunch break
12:30-13:25 Dr Minna Poukkula / Drosophila melanogaster as a model, TBA
13:25-14:20 Dr Susana DA Garcia / Caenorhabditis elegans as a model, TBA
14:20-15:00 Poster presentations (Model Organisms course students), 2nd session

Thu 19.5. at 15-16 Zoom

Associate Professor, Masanobu Komatsu, Ph.D.,  Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, USA

Gateway to TLS:  Blood vessels within tertiary lymphoid structure may hold the key to ending the war on cancer

Host: Tero Järvinen

Wed 9.6.2022 at 14-15 in Arvo F211 Zoom

Research Fellow Takeshi Yoshimatsu, University of Sussex, UK

Rod-pathways in the zebrafish retina