Special sessions

Special Sessions can be proposed by January 15, 2020 by email to iclgnss@tuni.fi. They will be added to the paper submission system once approved by the organizers.

To propose a Special Session, send the proposed session title/topic, organizer(s) name, affiliation and email, a short paragraph on the rationale of the session, and the names and email addresses of five proposed (PhD level) reviewers for the papers submitted to the session.

Special Session papers will undergo similar reviews as any other papers submitted to the conference.

The following Special Sessions were included in ICL-GNSS 2020:

  • Security and privacy aware wearable technologies
  • Collaborative Localization, Positioning and Navigation
  • Improving resilience of GNSS-based terrestrial infrastructures
  • New advances on GNSS positioning using smartphone technology
  • Non- or  Low-Intrusive Activity Sensing and Target Tracking for Indoors