Special Session on Non- or  Low-Intrusive Activity Sensing and Target Tracking for Indoors


Tracking and sensing human targets and their associated activities is drawing increasing attention because of the growing demand for healthcare and smart home applications. Due to the complicated propagation environment and special requirements of indoor applications like privacy, low invasive, radio signals and surveillance cameras that are used for long/short distance outdoor positioning and tracking may not be available indoors. This special session raises this issue to discuss potential sensing resources presenting indoor (radio, acoustics, infrared, optics, etc.), signal processing, data inference (machine learning) and fusion methods for personnel detection, tracking, activity recognition and sign-of-life monitoring. Furthermore, the session will encourage novel solutions for low-profile, non or low intrusion solutions for applications in healthcare, security, interaction and home robotics.

Submissions to the special session in either of the paper types (IEEE or open-access) can be made at the ICL-GNSS submission site. A virtual special issue in MDPI Sensors (JCR IF 3.031) open-access journal will be edited after the conference based on extended top-tier papers from the conference.

Topics of Interest (include but are not limited to):

  • Passive and active radio-based human activity detection and recognition
  • Acoustics based detection and tracking
  • High/low-resolution imaging-based activity monitoring and tracking (camera, infrared …)
  • Indoor localisation and activity monitoring with visible light
  • Contactless (low intrusive) bio-information sensing
  • Sensor fusion for accurate indoor localisation and activity recognition
  • Signal processing and machine learning methods for tracking and activity recognition
  • Indoor localisation, mapping and simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM)
  • Indoor localisation and sensing application in healthcare, security and robotics


  • Matthew Dyson, Newcastle University, UK
  • Paul Anthony Haigh, Newcastle University, UK
  • Sara Sharifzadeh, Coventry University, UK
  • Bo Tan, Tampere University, Finland