Educational Leadership Forum joins Eye on TAMK in March 2023

Join us at Eye on TAMK 2023 – Educational Leadership track on 20-24 March 2023 and learn all about Finnish education while building and rebuilding your professional networks in Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ biggest international event.

With already 240 confirmed registrations, this will be an impressive week. The interesting programme is packed with lectures and activities with participants from around the globe in Tampere. Last seats are still available, and we invite especially policy makers and educational leaders from outside EU to join the week to promote the development of change agency in education as well as (re)building the networks and finding new platforms for collaboration. 

This year, Educational Leadership forum joins Eye on TAMK to create more opportunities for collaboration and ventures. Let´s discover future opportunities together, build project application initiatives and seize funding opportunities as we get acquainted with the latest trends, policies, and innovations that both Finnish and global education has to offer. 

Seize the opportunity to grow your professional network and make new contacts effectively. During the first day of the event Speed Networking, a meeting format designed to accelerate contacts who share similar professional interests is organized on-site both for Teaching and Educational Leadership track participants.  

The Educational Leadership track participants of Eye on TAMK 2023 will have the unique opportunity to learn about Finnish education. They will visit Finnish pre-primary and basic education schools, high schools and vocational education schools for young people and adults as well as other innovative education-related places in the Tampere region. This is something available only to those who register in the Leadership track. The participation fee difference is to cover some of the expenses due to the visits and the transportation to and from locations. (link to Educational Leadership subpage) 

The official programme part common for everyone offers high-end and interesting keynote speakers (link to seminar programme subpage) 

  • Mr Pekka Haavisto, Minister for Foreign Affairs   
  • Mr Mikko Dufva, Leading Specialist, Foresight, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. 
  • Mr Jiri Vippola, Senior Lecturer, Pedagogic Innovations and Culture, TAMK 
  • Mr Valentino Piana, Senior Academic Associate at the University of Applied Science of Western Switzerland 

In the afternoons there is also an opportunity to participate in small group workshops where peers share their innovations and projects from various countries. (Link to Teaching and Education track programme subpage). You have also a guided tour of our beautiful city of Tampere and a chance to try Finnish sauna with a refreshing dip into a lake. 

Here you may see some pictures from last years Educational Leadership Forum to get inspired and register to this year’s Eye on TAMK 2023 – Educational Leadership track. Join us in Tampere for an epic event and book your seat by 31st of January 2023. 

Picture: Renata Brito
Picture: Yue Wang
Picture: Renata Brito
Picture: Yue Wang

Text: Virpi Heinonen - Team Leader, Latin America and the Caribbean at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and head coordinator for Educational Leadership track on Eye on TAMK 2023


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