Instrument Tutorial Session

AT2015 will organize an “Instrument Tutorial” Session, a fairly novel practice in aerosol conferences, to enable the participants to get a closer look at aerosol instrumentation.  In AT2015, the Instrument Tutorial Session will be arranged on Monday afternoon parallel to the ordinary oral sessions.

In the session, various aerosol instrumentation suppliers will present the design, concepts, and engineering choices of chosen different aerosol instrumentation.  Key capabilities, as well as limitations, of each technique will be described. The tutorial is mostly an educational session with an emphasis entirely on technology and the key physical concepts employed by the instrumentation.

A primary goal of  the Instrument Tutorial Session is that by the end of the tutorial participants no longer consider instrumentation a “black box” but rather have some understanding of the principles and design considerations, of why various instruments are built the way they are.  A secondary goal is that participants will use the information presented on measurement uncertainties and limitations to better avoid over-interpreting measurement results.


How does it work in practice?

Instrumentation suppliers will be given a table/place for their instrument.  In the beginning of the session, the participants of the session will be divided into smaller groups that will take a look at the instruments one by one. 10-15 minutes will be reserved for an instrument, and in that time the supplier will present the instrument and answer questions.  The Instrument Tutorial is not a marketing and sales opportunity; rather this is a possibility for an open conversation.