Josef Konvitz

Josef Konvitz is Chair of the board of the PASCAL International Observatory. He was previously head of the OECD’s urban affairs division where he directed reviews of urban policy in Japan and Germany, a series of Urban Renaissance reviews and case studies on learning city-regions, the Ecological City project, the OECD-Australia Conference on Cities and the New Global Economy, and studies on distressed urban areas and urban indicators. As Head of the Regulatory Policy Division from 2003 until his retirement in 2011, Konvitz designed and implemented a strategic, multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral programme to strengthen regulatory quality and regulatory reform. He is author of ‘Cities and Crisis’ (Manchester University Press, 2016).

Tony Kinder

Following a period as an engineering Trade Union Official, Tony chaired several venture capital investment funds and occupied leading positions in Lothian Regional and West Lothian local Councils.  He then worked at the University of Edinburgh Business School as Director of Programmes and later MBA Director and is now a visiting Professor at Tampere University and visiting Professor at the University of Science and Technology, Beijing.  His research is on learning in service innovation processes around which he has published over 70 papers in academic journals, many with Jari Stenvall over 15-years.  Their current research is on governance of ecosystems, public value, and mutuality, and the ethical used of advanced technology in integrated local public services in Finland and Scotland.

Reijo Paananen

Reijo Paajanen

Reijo Paajanen has long experience in ICT and internet economy business fields. His experience covers research and development (R&D) and business development. His 19 years of work at Nokia created wonderful environment to be involved in the industry transformations. The role as the father of the Nokia Communicator demonstrated his capability to implement completely new business concept. After Nokia Reijo Paajanen’s career has continued in new competence and business creation at Elektrobit, Digile and now as independent internet economy consultant. His passion is to build new growth.

Roberta Piazza

Roberta Piazza

Roberta Piazza is full professor of Adult Education at the University of Catania, Italy. She is director of the University Research Centre on Community Engagement – CURE. She was vice-Rector for continuing education and lifelong learning at the University of Catania (2017-2019). She is an associate director in Europe of PASCAL Observatory  and is member of the Research Network 4 “National Strategies for Lifelong Learning” of the ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning (ASEM LLL Hub). She is member of the scientific committee of Lucca Learning City and is a Visiting Professor within the School of Education at the University of Glasgow. She has participated in a number European Commission-funded projects on learning cities, lifelong learning, lifelong guidance, recognition of prior learning, apprenticeship and teacher training. She has been appointed as quality assurance evaluator on a national level for undergraduate and post graduate programs by the National Agency of University Evaluation in Italy. She is external examiner for the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Professional and Vocational programme) of the Education University of Hong Kong.