Learning and crises: Future-proofing city responses

24th – 26th October 2022, Tampere University, Finland
(the conference is over)

Cities and Regions Learning to Recover

The PASCAL Observatory is pleased to announce its plans for the 16th PASCAL International Conference to be co-organised and hosted by the Tampere University, Finland from 24th – 26th October 2022.

The main theme of the conference is the responses made by cities and regions, and their citizens, in their path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. It will consider the sorts of transformations that cities and regions have made themselves to adapt to the pandemic with a particular focus on education and lifelong learning, social support, health services and environmental services. These services in turn impact on issues of economic development and well-being at various scales from the individual to the corporate. Therefore, the conference will not only focus on top-down actions, but also the ways in which individuals, pressure groups, NGOs and businesses have shaped developments, and the ways in which changes in services will have long-term effects on the lives of those living in cities and regions.

The PASCAL Observatory and the Tampere University will be inviting scholars, local government officials, advocates and researchers who are actively engaged in ideas, policies and practice that relate to these issues to attend the conference.

The conference will be held in blended mode with both face-to-face and virtual registration possible.

Conference Co-Chairs

Professor Jari Stenvall, Tampere University
Professor Michael Osborne, University of Glasgow

The conference aims

The conference aims to create a platform where dialogue between students, researchers, advocates and local government officials, together with representatives from civil society organisations, the academe, and the private sector can occur to advance our knowledge of how policies and practices associated with recovery from the pandemic can respond to the specific place-based needs.

The sub-themes

Four sub-themes and respective leaders have been identified to help facilitate the conversations the overall theme. The sub-themes are:

Organisational learning – how cities and regions learn to recover.

Learning in the formal sector – how schools, colleges and universities have adapted.

Learning and well-being – the responses of the health, social services and sports sectors.

Learning and the environment – adaptions of urban infrastructure and within the natural environment.

Key Dates



  • Conference: 24th – 26th  October 2022
  • Arrival no later than 23rd October2022
  • Extended Registration Deadline: 18th October 2022
  • Submission of Full Papers for Conference Proceedings (Optional): 17th October 2022
  • Deadline for paper proposals: 6th September 2022
  • Notification of Paper Acceptance: within two weeks of submission and no later than 20th September 2022
  • Final Registration Deadline: 10th October 2022