Tips for presentations

Each paper accepted for presentation in a parallel session will be allocated 30 minutes.
Presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes, leaving at least 10 minutes for discussion and questions.

We use Zoom video conferencing tool

Zoom provides versatile tools for remote interaction for example: screen and material sharing, chat, whiteboard, and polls.

The host or alternative host (organisers) opens the zoom meeting and then allocates the necessary rights (co-host) to the presenters.

We kindly encourage you to use your own name on Zoom. This is important for a pleasant experience for other participants, but also for hosting and security.

For onsite speaker or presenter

We kindly recommend that you send the digital presentation material to the organiser by email no later than the day before the presentation.

We request this so that your presentation material is also available in case of problems.

The use of a memory stick or equivalent device is permitted on the presentation computers we use.

Presentation softwares

We use Windows laptops as presentation machines. If you have an Apple Keynote presentation to share, for example, please take this into account (then use the browser service).

Screen sharing a PowerPoint presentation

How to...

Tug of war student vs tractor

Joining a Zoom meeting

Join Meeting Test
Test your internet connection by joining a test meeting:

Join a Test Meeting – Zoom

You only have one screen...


  • You want to see the PowerPoint presenter’s view with your notes… but only you as a presenter, not the audience.
  • The audience should see the slideshow as normal, on a large screen.

A solution:

  1. Open your PowerPoint application (and presentation) ready for the background
  2. When it is your turn to present, start by sharing normally but choose “Advanced”
  3. Choose “Portion of Screen” and “Share”
  4. Green sharing area indicates portion on your share.
  5. Press ALT+F5 (presenter’s view opens)
  6. Adjust green area on what you want to show the audience