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First nameLast nameLink to the abstract
PeterBaurExploring changing perceptions of university students in the peer mentoring programme during COVID-19
MaurizioCasertaThe creation of social capital in the form of trust and cooperation among young students in Sicily, paving the way to economic and environmental sustainability
VivianaDe AngelisPlay and global education in screen time
MarioDelos ReyesLearning Continuity amid the Health Crisis: The Case of the City of Manila, Philippines
PaoloDi RienzoResources to deal with uncertainty. Self-assessment of PSL competence in low-skilled adults
BillEsmondReconnecting culture and technology in post-COVID education in Derby
LaviniaHirsuThe critical role of cultural protocols in times of permacrisis
SariHirvonen-KantolaPolicy capacity for smart city development: experiences in the City of Oulu
SariHirvonen-KantolaInnovation Ecosystem Orchestration Activities in Spatial Planning Agencies
JarkkoIhalainenEffects of organization structure on the trajectory of pandemic response: an activity theory analysis
JariKaivo-ojaSustainable Scenario Learning in the Modern Urban Planning Processes. General Sustainable Development Theory and Vital Urban Planning Challenges
JariKaivo-ojaVisionary Long-run City Planning: Key Concepts and Approaches of Foresight and Anticipation Science
DebolinaKunduDifferential Impact of the Pandemic on Neighbourhood-level Subjective Well-Being: A Tale of Two Indian Cities
PäivikkiKuoppakangasTapped co-capacity enabling perceived meaningfulness of work
PäivikkiKuoppakangasCo-benevolence enhancing change management and clients’ relational agency in urban renewal
CatherineLidoSymposium: Cultural Heritage & arts-based Education- Linking the Past, Present and Future…
GiuseppeLiveranoPromoting sustainability in times of pandemic through quality, equitable and inclusive education: a review of good practice
OrnaMagerCo-creation Educational Lab, Italy-Israel International Cooperation of Learning Cities
MarjukkaMikkonenLessening Inequalities within Decision-Making Positions in Sport: Exploration Through Institutional Lens
YrjöMyllyläFuture Foresight Study of the Reference Laboratory System in the environmental field in Finland: It is the matter of emergency supply how to measure all threats coming to health from the environment
BalázsNémethCivic Activists for Well-being and Social Inclusion. Experiences of Global Learning City Pécs, Hungary
YuliaNesterovaLearning for global health in cities - Community resilience and the strengthening of learning systems
MichaelOsborneCities as laboratories of innovation for SDG4
JuhaPostThe Emergence and Development of Dynamic Capabilities when Building Wellbeing Services Counties - A Capability-based Perspective on the Organisational Change Process in the Public Administration Organisation
MarindaPretoriusIndividual subjective well-being of informal day labourers during the Covid-19 pandemic: A case study of Johannesburg, South Africa
LaraPughLibraries and Learning Cities: Exploring varying roles of engagement across the globe
ShilpiRoyLearning during COVID-19: experiences from the low-income neighbourhoods of urban Bangladesh
YukikoSawanoConnecting Citizens Together Through Lifelong Learning Planning : A Case of Hamura-city, Tokyo
AnnieTubadjiYOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE - Loneliness, Religion and Economics in Times of Adversity
AnnieTubadjiKnowledge Inequality by Design - People and Places Left Behind in Learning
MariusVenterPatterns of empowerment in individuals through an online qualification during Covid-19 in South Africa
BruceWilsonPlace-Based Innovation Systems as a Means to Sustainable Transitions
BruceWilsonLearning Cities and the United Nations 2030 Agenda: A Transformative Role?