Publications and Dissemination

Thank You for Intrest about Elastronics Project and Webinar


Elastronics Webinar, October 6th, 2020

Prof. Matti Mäntysalo, TAU – ELASTRONICS – enabling the future of wearable electronics_TAU

Dr. Mohammadhossein Behfar, Senior research scientist, VTT – High-throughput Printing and Assembly on Stretchable Substrate-VTT

Erno Muuranto, Managing Director and Engineering Director, GE Healthcare Finland – Towards Disposable Wireless Patient Monitoring Sensors (this presentation will be published later)

Petri Järvinen, Co-founder and CTO, Forciot – Stretchable Sensor – Developments in Elastronics Project


Selected publications

Riikka Mikkonen, Paula Puistola, Ilari Jönkkäri, and Matti Mäntysalo, ”Inkjet Printable Polydimethylsiloxane for All-Inkjet-Printed Multilayered Soft Electrical Applications”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2020 12 (10), 11990-11997, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.9b19632,

Di Vito, D., Mosallaei, M., Khorramdel, B. et al. Mechanically driven strategies to improve electromechanical behaviour of printed stretchable electronic systems. Sci Rep 10, 12037 (2020).

Milad Mosallaei, Donato Di Vito, Behnam Khorramdel, and Matti Mäntysalo, ” Improvements in the electromechanical properties of stretchable interconnects by locally tuning the stiffness”, IOP Flexible and Printed Electronics, vol. 5, no. 1, 015004.

Teemu Salo, Aki Halme, Juhani Lahtinen, Jukka Vanhala, “Enhanced stretchable electronics made by fused-filament fabrication” IOP Flexible and Printed Electronics, vol. 5, no. 4, 045001.

Olli-Heikki Huttunen, Tuomas Happonen, Johanna Hiitola-Keinänen, Pentti Korhonen, Jyrki Ollila, and Jussi Hiltunen, ” Roll-To-Roll Screen-Printed Silver Conductors on a Polydimethyl Siloxane Substrate for Stretchable Electronics”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2019 58 (43), 19909-19916,


Elastronics in Confrences

LOPEC 2019 – Kurkela et al., Poster – StretchNode – Elastic Sensor Node

LOPEC 2019 – Mosallaei, M. et al., The Effect of geometry Modification on the Performance of Strechable Wires

Riikka Mikkonen and Matti Mäntysalo, (invited), Inkjettable, Polydimethylsiloxane Based Soft Electronics, IEEE International Conference on Flexible and Printable Sensors and Systems, 2020.



M. Lozano Montero, “Ultra-thin IDE Pulse Wave Sensor”, MSc thesis, Tampere University, 2019.

A. Korhonen, “Reliability testing on stretchable electronics : printed conductors under strain”, MSc thesis, University of Oulu, 2019

B. Amin, “Bluetooth antennas based on stretchable inks and substrates : a comparative study between different antenna structures”, MSc thesis, University of Oulu, 2020

A. Leinonen,” Environmental Durability of Printed Stretchable Conductors”, MSc thesis, Tampere University, 2020.

V. Panula, “Biaxial Stretching Device for Stretchable Electronics”, MSc thesis, Tampere University, 2020.


Elastronics in Other Medias

YouTube video – VTT pilot manufacturing for diagnostics and wearables

Tech Bites Event   28.3.2019 YouTube videos
TechBites keynote: Juha Virtanen, GE Healthcare                                                          – Wearable patient monitoring sensors
TechBites keynote: Professor Matti Mantysalo, Tampere University                            – Stretchable electronics
Techbites keynote: Professor Donald Lupo, Tampere University                                 – Green energy for IoT

TechBites: Elastronics – Pitch and catch session
1. Reseacher Milad Mosallaei                                                                                             – Geometry optimization to improve stretchabilty (start at 0:10)
2. Reseacher Tiina Vuorinen                                                                                               – Printed electrodes for wireless ECG and respiration monitoring (2:50)
3. Dr. Behnam Khorramdel – Inkjet printed circuits (5:30)
4. Professor Paul Berger – High-speed thin-film components (8:30)
5. Dr. Donato Di Vito – Modeling and characterization know how (11:25)