Tuesday October 6th, 2020

Matti Mäntysalo

Professor, Printed Electronics, Tampere University

Matti Mäntysalo is a professor in Electrical Engineering at Tampere University. His research interests include printed electronics materials, fabrication processes, stretchable electronics, sensors, and the integration of printed electronics with silicon-based technology (hybrid systems).

Laboratory for Future Electronics


Mohammadhossein Behfar

Senior research scientist, Dr. at VTT

Mohammad Behfar (D.Sc.) is a senior research scientist at VTT Research Center of Finland. He is currently with the Flexible Electronics and Integration research team where his research area is focused on printed electronics, wearables and epidermal electronics.

VTT research -Wearable Technology


Erno Muuranto

Managing Director and Engineering Director at GE Healthcare Finland

Erno Muuranto is the Managing Director of GE Healthcare Finland and Engineering Director for GE Healthcare’s global Mobile Digital Health program.

As Managing Director, Erno’s responsibilities include driving the continuous growth and development of GE Healthcare Finland and its 700 employees, as well GE Healthcare’s collaboration with key clinical, university, government, and corporate partners in Finland. Erno is also actively involved in developing the Health Innovation Village, GE Healthcare’s startup ecosystem located in the company’s Finland headquarters in Helsinki.

Erno also leads GE Healthcare’s global engineering organization of 100 people developing wearable patient monitoring technology and products. He has been involved with the Mobile Digital Health program from the beginning, as Chief Engineer creating and incubating the technology vision and then building up the Helsinki MDH engineering organization and partnership network.

A 20-year GE veteran, Erno holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Physics from the Helsinki University of Technology.

Petri Järvinen

Co-founder and CTO at Forciot

Petri Järvinen is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer in Forciot Oy. In his current role Petri’s focus is in bringing technical innovations in hybrid electronics into mass volume, conformable sensor products. He holds MSc in Computer Science from Tampere University of Technology.