Call for Papers

We invite you to submit a manuscript from the EABA conference in Tampere. The manuscripts will undergo regular peer review. In submitting your manuscript be sure to indicate that it is for the special issue. The deadline for submissions is July 20, 2022. Please check the website ( for details.


Deadline for submissions is closed. Acceptance/rejection letters has been issued.

Here some information about the types of events:

Symposium sessions will last for 1 hour 20 minutes total and the chair needs to organise the allowed amount of time for each presentation, also for Q and A. Decide on the program area of your symposium (ABA, EAB etc.). All presentations in one symposium should belong to the same program area. Please submit the abstracts, titles, and authors for each presentation. Program areas are subject to modifications by the EABA program committee.

Oral/paper sessions will last for 1 hour 20 minutes total, which means that it usually contains 4 papers and each paper is allowed 20 minutes total for presentation and Q and A. Each paper session will also have a chair (assigned by EABA) to help organize and keep time limits. Submission is for individual papers (one form for each paper).

Poster session will last approx. 2 hours on Thursday evening. Poster boards are 1200 mm high and 880 mm wide (size A0). Submission is for individual poster (one form for each poster). More information for poster presenters.

Panel Discussion will last for 1 hour 20 minutes total and the chair needs to invite the discussants (please make sure that all discussants attend) and organise the discussion.

Reunion and Business Meeting will last for 1,5 to 2 hours, according to your needs and availability of rooms. The internal organisation of a Reunion or Business Meeting is up to the submitting person. EABA and Tampere University provide a room and announce the meeting in the program. Meetings are accepted under reserve that the content of the meeting is in accordance with the regulations and principles of EABA and Tampere University.

Expo Booth During the conference (Thursday morning to Saturday noon) an Expo will take place on the venue. It’s located next to the coffee station, so there’ll be enough public. Tables, chairs and connection to power supply are provided. Exhibitors please book an expo booth (50 €) here and also register for the conference via participants registration link here. Additionally, submit your application for an Expo Booth here and choose “Expo Booth” as type of paper. You may assemble your stand on Wednesday (9/9) afternoon. The expo is from Thursday morning to Saturday noon.

All submissions and presentations must be made in English.

Conference opening and closure

Opening evening on Wednesday will not contain any lecture or presentation.

Invited addresses and presentations will commence from Thursday morning (09:00), and close Saturday early afternoon (13:00).

Commitment to register and present

All presenting authors, chairs of symposia and discussants must commit to register and attend the convention. All presenters must register for the conference by 15th May at the latest. Failure to register or make your scheduled presentation could result in the denial of submission privileges for the following conferences.