Aoife Mc Tiernan


Future Directions for Research in Precision Teaching.


Future directions for research in Precision Teaching will be explored with reference to literature to date and the necessity to conduct research that focuses on wider adoption of Precision Teaching in educational settings. Precision Teaching has demonstrated effectiveness for improving a wide variety of skills. However, there are several gaps in the literature which would benefit from further exploration. These will be discussed with the aim of providing a roadmap for future research in this area.


Dr. Aoife Mc Tiernan is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst – Doctoral and Chartered Psychologist. She is the President of the European Association for Behaviour Analysis, current Director of the MSc and PhD in ABA at the National University of Ireland, Galway, and has fifteen years of experience working in educational settings and disability services. Dr. Mc Tiernan’s primary interest is in the dissemination and integration of behaviour analytic and evidence-based approaches into educational settings. She has a special interest in Precision Teaching and accelerating learning for students at risk and in areas of socio-economic disadvantage, and has a number of publications in this area, including large group studies conducted in educational settings.