BACB continuing education credits (CEUs)

If you plan to receive BACB continuing education credits (CEUs) please read the following information.

In front of each session we will have a QR code. To sign into the session you will have to open your camera app on your phone  and point the camera at the QR code (scan the QR code). Once you have scanned the QR code a pop-up banner will appear (you might have to click on it), this will send you to a google form where you have to input your full name, email address, and BACB nr (#-##-####). You will have to scan the QR code as you enter the session and when you leave the session. In addition to the information you include on google form we will have information on the time of when you scan in and out. In the event, if the QR code doesn´t work or your phone cannot scan the code, there will be volunteers in front of each sessions that can gather your information when you sign in and out of the session.

Please note that if you are not planning on receiving the BACB CEUs you do not have to scan in and out of the session.