Congresses organized by the University of Tampere promote sustainable development and global responsibility in various ways:

  • Tampere University’s Central Campus is located within walking distance of the railway and bus station, most hotels and social program locations. The university’s other campuses are located along good public transport links.
  • Congress venues are mostly in a central location, so there is no need to organize transportation for the participants.
  • On the campuses of the University of Tampere, accessibility has been ensured in various ways (e.g. ramps, elevators, automatic doors, barrier-free toilets, induction loops).
  • We prefer accessible venues outside the university.
  • We make sure that all communication and information is accessible to congress guests (e.g. congress website, registration form, signage at the venue).
  • We prefer local partners (hotels, event venues, restaurant services) with a sustainable development certificate.
  • We do not order servings in disposable containers.
  • We prefer local food and vegetarian and vegan menus.
  • To minimize food waste, we order meals based on pre-registration.
  • Since Finnish tap water is clean and safe, we do not use or share bottled water.
  • We support interdisciplinary encounters and diversity (e.g. ecumenical chapel, gender-neutral toilets, nursery).
  • We avoid distributing material to participants.
  • We reuse the nameplate cases and arrange for them to be returned.
  • We avoid extra, cluttered decorations.
  • We offer different options for remote participation.
  • When travel arrangements are necessary, we choose the smoothest possible flight option.
  • Recycling has been organized efficiently on the campuses of the University of Tampere and it has also been made visible to visitors.
  • We ensure health safety (hygiene, cleaning of premises, compliance with possible restrictions) in accordance with the global health situation.
  • We promote social responsibility, e.g. by offering university students the opportunity to work as congress assistants.
  • Where possible, we use several payment categories so that participants from different financial backgrounds have the opportunity to participate in the congresses. For those whose financial situation allows, we offer the opportunity to financially support the implementation of the congress.
  • We encourage congresses to hold lectures open to the public and share virtual events with a wider audience.

Read more about Tampere University’s sustainable development activities here.