Presentation and poster guidelines


  • 2 parallel sessions: materials science & life science
  • Presentations 15 min + 5 min for questions
  • The presentations will be recorded and they will be available max. 14 days in the web pages.
  • Detailed presentation guide (link)

Company presentations

  • Company presentation sessions during both days: 1 h + 1 h
  • 10-15 min live presentations (note: limited amount)
  • Possibility to make video presentations (short like posters). Available max. 14 days in the web pages.
  • Contact us for more details

Video posters

General guides for video posters

  • Set yourself up for success by identifying a place that will be best for recording. An ideal space will be:
    • Quiet enough to record with minimal interruptions
    • If you are sharing space, be sure to let people know you will be recording.
    • Natural lighting or the ability to control lighting to best record in. Avoid bright lights and windows behind you.
    • Have space to set up and record at eye level
  • Be sure to outline your presentation so there is a natural flow as it is delivered.
  • Having an outline will help maximize the given time.
  • Practice your presentation as if you were doing it at an in-person venue. The confidence gained from preparation also translates on video. It will also enhance its overall quality.
  • We recommend designing a recording where there is a main screen presenting a poster or presentation while video of the presenter is visible in a smaller sub-screen (also known as picture in picture format). This should be taking account already, when you are planning the presentation slides. When recording, be sure to remember:
  • Speak clearly and keep water nearby. It is likely you will do multiple takes and pause, so be sure to enunciate and stay hydrated to keep your voice strong.
  • Record your presentation multiple times. This will give you options to pick your final version or even edit multiple versions together. It is important to take breaks throughout so as to not get too tired.