Instructions for participants

On this page, you will find information for participants regarding signage at the Hervanta campus, event pass collection, and other practical matters. Detailed instructions for the pre-conference event and the evening party can be found on sub-pages.

The opening ceremony, keynote presentations and closing ceremony are held in Festia Iso sali auditorium, where there are seats for c. 300 people. These will be streamed to Festia Pieni sali 1 & 2 auditoriums.


On-site registration will take place in the Festia building lobby. Registration opens on Wednesday, June 7th at 9 am. You will receive your event pass upon registration. Registration and morning coffee will take approximately one hour, after which the opening ceremony will begin. However, if needed, you can also register later at the information desk.

Location and movement on Campus

The event takes place at Tampere University’s Hervanta campus in Festia and Päärakennus. The best way to get there is by tram number 3 (stops Hervantakeskus or Hervannan kampus). As a Pedaforum participant, you will get free tickets for public transport in Tampere. The QR code entitling to travel will be sent by email closer to the event. The code sent by e-mail works on the way to the campus. Once you have received your event pass, use the QR code found on it for the rest of the event. Please note that the right to travel in the tram must be confirmed on each trip by showing the QR code to the reader at the bottom of the ticket machine. The tram stops automatically at every stop. You can find the routes in Reittiopas.

A simplified campus map can be found at the end of the page, indicating the entrances and areas designated for conference attendees. During the conference, there will be entrance exams, so when walking around the campus, signs must be followed. There are students at the campus to help you with any problems such as getting around the campus. You recognize them from purple TUNI t-shirts.

Dining on Campus

The registration fee includes lunch and afternoon coffee for both days, which can be obtained by presenting your event pass. Those are served in three different campus restaurants. Each pass is assigned a specific restaurant where you are expected to have your meals. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to dine within the allocated lunchtime.

If you want a morning coffee, it can be picked up from Reaktori restaurant. We wish that you would prefer washable cups over take-away cups. Morning coffee includes only coffee.

If you cannot find suitable food on the campus restaurant menus or if you prefer to have lunch at your own expense elsewhere, below is a list of restaurants near the university:

• Zarillo

• Kotipizza

• Rax Buffet

• Bai Wei (sushi)

• CL Ravintola (Chinese cuisine)

• Hesburger

• Il Posto Trattoria (Italian cuisine)

• Speakeasy (American cuisine)


Near the Festia hall on campus, there is a cloakroom where you can leave your personal belongings at your own responsibility. Staff will be present near the cloakroom, but we cannot guarantee the security of your belongings.

Zoom/Virtual Event

If you need the Zoom link for the event, please request it from

If you wish to listen to the keynote speeches with simultaneous English translation, please request the Zoom link. Please request the link by Tuesday, June 6th, to allow us enough time to send it.

Discussion Forum

A dedicated discussion forum has been created for the event, where you can ask questions, provide feedback, share opinions, or initiate discussions. You can find the link to the discussion forum here. Alternatively, you can join the discussion forum by adding the code FCE7T5G on the Flinga homepage or by using the QR code below. You do not need any specific login information to use Flinga, and comments are anonymous. The platform is also accessible on mobile devices. Please note: Among the participants in the discussion (those who provide their names), there will be a prize draw related to the conference. 😉

QR-code for the discussion forum

Connecting to wireless network TUNI-GUEST:

  • Connect to the TUNI-GUEST network with your device. 
  • Select Visitor. 
  • Choose your e-mail address or phone number as the means to sign in. You can also select eduroam, which works in most academic organizations around the world with one setup.  
  • Fill in the information required in the activation form (e-mail address or phone number). 
  • Familiarise yourself with the Terms of use in the activation form and tick the box where you commit to adhering to the terms. 
  • Choose Proceed. 
  • Review that the information is correct. You will receive the activation link by e-mail or text message.  
  • Choose Start temporary 15 min access to open network connection, so you can activate your connection for longer time.  
  • By opening the activation link you have access to the TUNI-GUEST visitor network for 12 hours. 
  • After the time is up, you can repeat the above steps to get connection working again. 

Other Useful Information

• We encourage sustainability and therefore do not provide disposable cups for water. Please bring your own water bottle. You can refill your water bottle, for example, at the communal kitchen on the 1st floor of the main building.

• The 1st floor of the main building has a lounge area where you can take a break between sessions. Some snacks are also available in the lounge area.

• Also, follow our social media channels: Facebook | Twitter. Use the hashtag: #pedaforum2023.


Hervanta campus map, where you can see the buildings, tram stops and restaurants.

Kartta Festia pohjakerros

Kartta Festia 1. kerros

Kartta Päärakennus 1. kerros

Kartta Päärakennus 2. kerros