Tuesday 10. September: Tampere University opens its academic year


Tampere Alumni -meeting

Venue: Tampere Hall, Duetto 1 and 2

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The meeting brings together alumni who started their studies at Tampere University* 20 years ago and other active alumni.


  • Welcome address, Director, Communications and Brand Development Camilla Lindfors
  • Greetings to Tampere Alumni, President Mari Walls
  • Lunch
  • Musical performance by our theatre students
  • The event will continue in the main auditorium of Tampere Hall with the opening ceremony of the academic year (13.00 to 15.00) and a concert by Saimaa.

* All people who have studied at the University of Tampere or Tampere University of Technology are alumni of the new Tampere University.

As places are limited, please register by 3 September 2019.

* Tampere University, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences now comprise a new multidisciplinary higher education community that was established on 1 January 2019. 


Opening ceremony of the academic year 2019 - 2020

Venue: Tampere Hall, main auditorium

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  • Academic procession
  • Music, Tampere Academic Symphony Orchestra
  • Handing over the President’s chain of office
  • Opening speech by Mari Walls, President of Tampere University
  • Speech by Linda Liukas, Honorary Doctor of Tampere University
  • Announcement of the alumnus/a of the year
  • Speech by Paula Sajaniemi, Chair of the student union TREY
  • Music, Tampere Academic Symphony Orchestra
  • The audience follows the academic procession as it leaves the auditorium
  • Refreshments

Dress code: dark suit or casual

The event is open to all but requires registration. Please register here.


Concert for Tampere University & TAMK staff and Tampere Alumni: Saimaa orchestra

Venue: Tampere Hall, main auditorium

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Celebration of music by symphonic progressive rock band Saimaa lead by musical maestro Matti Mikkola.

As places are limited, please register here.

Saimaa provides a fresh alternative to the mainstream music. They have published four albums:

  • award winning and popular collaboration with Pepe Willberg, Pepe & Saimaa (2014)
  • cover versions Matka mielen ytimeen (2015)
  • theme album Urheilu-Suomi (2017) as a co-production with YLE for the documetary series Urheilu-Suomi
  • joint album of Pyhimys and Saimaa, Olisinpa täällä (2019).

Wednesday 11. September: Student culture day


Meet our Talents in the City Centre

Our higher education community is made up of 30,000 students who have developed a broad range of skills and abilities both in and outside the classroom. Keep your eyes and ears open and prepare to be surprised!

Wednesday, 11 September 2019
Tampere city centre

See you there!


TAMK's Tursajaiset

The Tursajaiset freshman party traditionally begins with a massive line-up at 12:00 when students prepare for procession from the TAMK main campus into Tampere Central Square. After new students take a special oath on the square, the procession will head to its final destination, where the party continues until 20.00. The daytime event is free to new students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.


Sitsit goes open for all

Venue: Tullikamari, Klubi

“Sitsit” is a central manifestation of student culture. It is an academic table party which includes a three-course meal accompanied by a lot of singing and toasting. Sitsit usually has a topic or theme.

Today, the theme is “Sitsit goes open for all”.  So you are invited! Come and discover sitsi culture and etiquette under the guidance of our students.

Admission 5

  • includes a vegetarian three-course menu and programme
  • drinks and refreshments are not included but can be bought from the bar

Book your seat by 10 September!


Student party: Pikku G

Venue: Tullikamari, Pakkahuone

Students only! Party with your new and old friends and see the magnificent Pikku G on stage only for €3 (cloakroom fee).

Doors open at 19:00.

Approximately 2,600 new students start their studies at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and 3,000 at Tampere University each year. All new and existing students of Tampere Universities are welcome to the student party.


Tampere Leadership Symposium 2019

Venue: Tampere University, city centre campus, address: Kalevantie 4.

The 8th Tampere Leadership Symposium will begin at 8:00 with a meet & greet for researchers and end at 18:00 with an invitation-only anniversary seminar that marks the first 20 years of EMBA education in Tampere.

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Thursday 12. September: Wellbeing and science


Wellbeing for staff and students

Venue: TAMK main campus, address: Kuntokatu 3

Programme, stands and workshops to promote the wellbeing of staff and students at Tampere Universities. The event is also open to the public.




Science dialogue: Sustainable social and healthcare reform?

Venue: Tampere University, city centre campus, main building, Café & Aula Toivo, address: Kalevantie 4

What does a socially and financially sustainable social and healthcare system look like? Is it possible to create one? What are its key building blocks? What are our primary tasks in implementing such a system? These and other questions will be addressed by researchers of Tampere Universities in an open discussion moderated by award-winning journalist Tiina Merikanto from Yle. The event will be conducted in Finnish.

The event is open to the public.

Take part in the discussion in person or through social media: #kestäväsote.

Science dialogue (Tieteen kohtaamispaikka) is a dialogical and goal-oriented discussion forum. It combines the perspectives of scientists and experts from different fields to address important social themes.


Tampere Universities awards ceremony

Venue: Tampere University, city centre campus, main building, Café & Aula Toivo, address: Kalevantie 4

Tampere Universities recognise the achievements of their distinguished members right after the Science dialogue event. The awards ceremony is open to the public.


Juniversity science day

Venue: Tampere University, Hervanta campus, address: Korkeakoulunkatu 3

FabLab Tampere and Tampere University’s Juniversity offer fun science activities for young scientists and future researchers. School groups will have the opportunity to attend inspirational, hands-on workshops and learn more about our research.

The 45-minute workshops will begin on the hour. The Juniversity science day is implemented in collaboration with schools and day care centres. The online registration form will become available on week 34. Each workshop is designed to accommodate one school group.

For more details, go to the Juniversity website.