Session 4

A. Trans Pleasure and Joy @Linna K110

Chair: Tuula Juvonen

“Acid Trips & Queer Love: Trans Iranian-American Explorations of God”

shawndeez (online)

“Minority joy: Positive aspects experienced by trans* people”

Theodor Mejias Nihlén & (Matilda) Matt Wurm

“Minding the gaps between stereotypes – Finding space for trans pleasure and joy in emerging sextech”

Dannie Milve

“A turn to pleasure from a queer/trans perspective?”

Tais B. Terletskaja


B. Transing and the Politized Body @Linna K108

Chair: Louka Maju Goetzke

“´If you are a woman through and through, you´re not supposed to be happy about being seen as a man´ Or: What emotions do in gender transition”

Louka Maju Goetzke

“Body constructs: writing history of transgender motifs in Swedish language literature, 1972-2012”

Maria Ramnehill

Post Mortem: Affective Battles over Gender, Sexuality and the Dead Body”

Sanna Mustasaari

The Ocean in Your Mouth

Luka Holmegaard


C. Politics and Belongings @Linna K113

Chair: Valo Vähäpassi

“Bodies in/out of place? Unmapping Trans People´s Experiences in outdoor and Adventure Activities”

Bart Bloem Herraiz (online)

“Trans belonging in Japan”

france rose hartline

“Between hope and rage: The emotional becoming of the Mexican Federal Attorney´s Office´s LGBT protocol”

Gerardo Contreras (online)

“´Mixed feelings`. The Right to Be – citizen´s initiative and the new trans law as experienced through social media and the internet”

Valo Vähäpassi