The 8th Nordic Trans Studies Conference 2023

Tampere University, 23-25 February, 2023

From Transgender Rage to Trans Joy: Trans Studies through Affective Lens

Over the past three decades, trans related topics have evoked strong affects and feelings
within and beyond trans communities, research and activism. The conference focuses on feelings and affective responses arising from, and guiding, the actions of trans scholars, activists and artists working on knowledge production and political struggles concerning trans lives and rights.

The topics include:

Theoretical approaches to affects – affect as becoming, un/belonging, potentiality, (human
and non-human) body´s capacity to affect and be affected.
Emotions and feelings connected to trans as an identity, (embodied) experience, positionality, research field and a political concept.

The three-day conference will include paper presentations, keynotes, artistic contributions,
and a visit to Del LaGrace Volcano´s exhibition at Tampere Art Museum, including an artist
talk, as well as an evening event with local trans and queer artists.

Main organizers

Affective Activism project focuses on the ways in which queer and trans activists claim space for themselves and their world-making.