Conference fee:

0€ – for participants with unfunded/unsalaried positions, or other low/unsteady income

20€ / 50€ – for participants with institutional funding/salary

*The conference fee is voluntary, and the funds received will be used for reimbursing some of the travelling expenses for participants with low income. Although not required, we do wish those with the possibility would consider paying a fee. Thank you.


Please note that it is not possible to register to the conference dinner anymore, even though the registration form allows that, due to the practical things has been already finalized with the restaurant.


When you register, please fill in both forms below. The first one is for registration, and the second one is for your name (and pronouns) for your name tag.

1) Link to the registration form:

2) In addition, please fill in your name (and pronouns) for your name tag here:

Please note that the name tags are made by hand, so preferably fill in this form too right away. It takes less than a minute. Thank you!