Session 3

A. Performing Rage @ Linna K113

Chair: Luca Tainio

“Pissed Off: affective solidarity through anger and rage among trans people”

Eli Ståhl (online)

“I am in awe”

Kaarna Tuomenvirta


B. Affective Residues of the Trans History of Sexology @Linna K112

Chair: Zavier Nunn & Jonah I. Garde

“The Weimar Affect: Trans/historical Affect, Attachment, and Genealogy”

Zavier Nunn

“Archival Affetc and Asterisked Histories: Querying Trans Studies´ Historical Imaginary”

Jonah I. Garde


C. Art/Culture/Research @ Linna K108

Chair: A. Khodyreva

”Self-portraits of non-binary people, finding utopian potential in artistic research”

Utu-Tuuli Jussila

”Joking while trans”

Jamie MacDonald

“Relationality in Interviews with Trans*Artists”

Lotta Kähkönen & Jamie MacDonald