Session 1

A. Institutions and Ethnographies @Linna K108

Chair: Toby Odland 

“(Trans)forming kinship: An institutional ethnographic study of transgender fertility care”

Joren Buyck

“Fear, friction, and inclusion”

Toby Odland

“Emotion of queer diversity work: an ethnographic study of lgbtqi inclusion”

Olle Jilkén


B. Community Care @Linna 6017

Chair: Paju Kettunen

“We Have No Models: Exploring Potential Exigencies and Conventions of the Novel”

Abigail Wells (online)

“Affective Engagements with Corporeal Politics of Transness in Popular Science Journalism”

Paju Kettunen


C. Non-Binary Expressions @ Linna 5014

Chair: Varpu Alasuutari

Meijän muuloin ruutat. Gendered folk clothing and nonbinary negotiations of cultural belonging”

Sade Kondelin

“Small and Slender and Androgynous with Many Houseplants”: The Norm of Nonbinary Androgyny on Social Media”

Vilja Jaaksi

“The desire to hungrily emphasize non-binary genitalia”

Ester Martin Bergsmark